Quality Inspection
and Factory Audit in China

As you know China has temporarily closes its borders to foreign nationals. This has become another challenge for many companies that make purchases in China. However, the business can not afford to stop.

We are located in China and provide a full range of quality control services at every stage of the manufacturing for our clients from all over the world. It is an priority for us to make you to be sure that the manufacturer will ship a quality product that will arrive at your warehouse without damage and will fully meet your requirements and expectations.

We save importers' money by solving quality issues every day.
  • Immediate departure to any point in China
  • From 1 day
  • Competent inspectors
    and effective QC system
  • Detailed photo and video report
Inspections at any stage of the supply
Supplier Evaluation
Before including a supplier in the supply chain you should evaluate its reliability and production capabilities. We conduct an audit of the manufacturer, check the registration and authorization documents, assess the production capacity and internal quality control system.
Production monitoring. Inline and Offline Quality Control
Production monitoring helps to reduce the defective percentage of your production. We inspect the actual production volume at every stage to avoid any delays in your final shipment. By during production inspection, you will get a clear vision of the production schedule and get ahead of any possible problems that could affect the quality of your goods.
Pre-Shipment Inspection
Finished products are checked for compliance with with your specifications including overall appearance, amount, size, color, package and other details. If no defects are found and all conditions are met, the product is accepted for shipment.
Container Loading Supervision
Container Loading Inspection is an important step in receiving quality goods ensuring that the consignment will reach the buyer in exact ordered quantity and quality. The QC inspector checks condition of export cartons to avoid damage of goods, ensures container is dry, clean and odor free, makes sure goods and quantities are correct.
Наша система контроля качества имеет высокую степень гибкости и может быть настроена в соответствии с Вашими конкретными требованиями. For more details on your specific production inspection needs, please contact us.
Products We Inspect
  • FMCG
  • Toys
  • Textiles & Garments
  • Food & Beverage
  • Furniture & Furnishing
  • Electronics
  • Machinery
  • Raw materials
  • Building materials
Quality control (QC) is a necessary procedure for any production if you want to get quality products. This service is especially important for working with manufacturers in China.
Why Choose Us
  • №1 in China
    doing supply chain management in China for Russian market.
  • Since 2006
    More than 15 years of outsourcing in China for retail chains, developers, investors and enterprises.
  • 100+ number of employees
    Permanent team in China. No part-time inspectors.
  • We are in China
    Our full-time inspectors personally conduct production and pre-shipment inspections.
SCS Group founded in 2006 is an international company with a wide range of B2B services for business support in China and South-East Asia.

We do sourcing, supply chain management, OEM/ODM, import/export, quality control and logistics.
What We Do
  • Sourcing in China and South East Asia
    Product sourcing in China, Vietnam, India, Thailand, South Korea and other Asian countries.
  • Supply Chain Management
    Поможем организовать закупку необходимого оборудования и материалов для решения ваших индивидуальных задач.

  • Quality Control
    We do supplier evaluation, production monitoring, pre-shipment inspection, container loading supervision, laboratory testing and certification services.
  • Logistics
    Logistics and shipment of goods from China and Southeast Asia to anywhere in the world. We operate our own logistics department which can assist you with all logistics related issues.
  • Business Tours
    We will arrange your business trip to China and solve a wide range of issues, including visa support, hotel bookings, airport to town transport arrangement.
  • Business Consulting
    Many years of experience and deep knowledge of the market and business environment allow us to successfully solve complex tasks for our clients every day
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